Tennis Sites to Search:



This site is designed to make searching for tennis information a little easier. As I'm sure you're all aware, the search options on forums and other sites are usually very primitive, and you can waste a lot of time sorting through all the rubbish.

Although you can use search engines to search for what you want, you often get search results infested with rubbish sites with information not remotely related to table tennis.

This simple site is setup with a Google custom search engine, giving you the power of the Google engine (arguable the most powerful on the internet), but only the results from tennis sites!

Search tips / examples:
To search, select the sites you want to search from the left, an type in the keywords that you're looking for. You can use "+" in front of a word to indicate the words that MUST be contained in the results, and "-" to exclude any words. Use quotations to indicate the exact match of a phrase. For example you're looking for Nadal's tennis racket type, type in:

+Nadal tennis racket -"for sale" -tkid

This will find ALL results that contain "Nadal" and it will give the results that also contain "tennis" and "racket" priority, but will NOT show any results that contain the phase "for sale"...so it should not list any retailer/sale site results. It will also not show any results from annoying person "tkid" for example...

Hope you find it useful!